“When customer comes first,
the customer will last”

– Robert Half

Customer-centric means you think like a customer, speak like a customer, listen to their unspoken needs and co-create the next memorable customer experience upon their insights. And at CX-Go, we know exactly how to get you there.

Our Services

Understand earlier. Plan better. Thrive longer.

In a customer-centric business, your customer aspiration is your direction. CX-Go provides a complete range of market research services built to help you get instant market validation from your prospective costumers for your new business ideas, review the gaps and how to fill them. Identifying the most sought-after features and offering them in your product at the right price, place and time, will guarantee customer satisfaction, and further, business sustainability.

Speak your customer language and build a meaningful conversation with them.

Evaluate and refine your ongoing and upcoming promotional activities with CX-Go brand communication review services. From copy testing to recognition and recall, we’ll help you uncover the hidden insight, find the most effective appeal and develop a better costumer-centric campaign strategy for your brand.

Keep a close eye on the pulse of those using your brand or services.

Customer experience can happen everywhere, so can customer survey. Monitoring customer feedback is a make-or-break necessity in a customer-centric business strategy. CX-Go tapFeedback, is an online-based customer management platform designed to help you reach the silent majority and get their insight in the simplest way possible. It provides easy-to-read, real-time results to help you make quick decisions and turn each pain point into a pleasure.

We are CX-Go!
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excellence across channels

CX-Go stands for building customer excellence from the get-go. It means we believe that a customer-centric product is a result of putting customer at the centre of business decision making, from product design to delivery. We bring the most effective, data-driven and tailored solutions to help you gain insight about your customers and create an impactful customer experience at every touchpoint.

Our approach combines quantitative and qualitative methods through innovative customer survey tools powered by human skills and technology. We simplify things so you can get comprehensive, real-time results to refine your business strategy.

Your journey to
customer excellence
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“There is nothing so terrible as
activity without insight”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our tapFeedback offers a customisable customer satisfaction survey over a digital platform that is convenient both for you and your customers. It was carefully designed for quick analysis and informational awareness by translating your customer feedback data, from complaints to compliments, into a valuable insight. The digestible, real-time results are visualised on a dashboard to help you make timely customer-centric decisions and optimise the overall customer experience.

Is it the food? Is it the drinks? Is it the service? tapfeedback identify and tells you what aspect of your service that might resulted in your customer not returning so you can pick your focus to improve

Is your key customer satisfied? What aspect of your product/service that they are dissatisfied with? Discovering these insights will ensure their loyalty and at the same time bring more efficiency to your process

From fitness clubs & gyms, beauty salon, or automotive, tapfeedback can assist you to identify the satisfaction level, satisfaction driver, and provide the best insights to help you make improvements

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